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Material Handling Questions

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Hi, I'm using a vacuum pump with a fitting of OD 51mm, ID 46mm. I need to find a way of connecting this to an end-of-arm tool with a socket of ID 12mm. Are there any adapters available that will let me step down the diameter of the hosing I use from the vacuum pump to the tool? Thanks in advance.

I am looking for the manufacturer of an end-of-arm vacuum gripper tool. The tool has 4 rows of 7 black rubber cups and the main body of the tool is blue, a simple rectangular design. It is not Coval or Schmalz. Does anyone know what the provider of this tool might be? Thanks in advance, Evin

We need a robot for semiconductor wet bench processing.

We are looking for information on a vision guided Scara robot that will pick up small pieces of metal (.016" x .142" x .0015") and place them into a 2" x 2" tray. Each tray has approximately 315 recessed areas for each piece of metal. Metal parts are randomly placed on surface for pick up by the robot. Camera will guide robot, and allow robot to orientate the metal piece for correct placement into each recess of the tray. Thanks

Task to install windshield and rear glass onto car body. The body on wheels and sitting on conveyor which is moving with 98mm/sec. Robot needs to track with the line while installing glass. Anybody done line tracking applications?

Looking for robotics that can be used in the car wash inviroment ie wheel cleaning wheel product application.

Is it possible to place a part on a moving belt accurately enough to minimize the amount of space wasted on the belt? The robot would need to compensate for the moving belt and adjust the position it will place the part.

In the forging business, is there a robot out there that can pull parts from our furnace, and load them into our press. We have a high mix of shapes & weights. We have parts that weigh over 2000lbs. Let me know if it is being done already or there are solutions out there. Thanks

I need to grab and rotate a 12 x 12 x 12 plastic box and rotate it twice 90 degrees in two directions (2 degrees of freedom). I need a wrist not a complete arm. Any suggestions?

I'm looking for the parameters of a gantry robot arm and a palletizing robot manipulator.

We're looking for a robotic cell to load and unload an optical measuring machine with small machined parts (1/2" dia and smaller, 1/2 to 2'in length) from trays contaning 200 pcs

I want to load and unload wooden blocks 12" by 16" for a outside wood boiler.

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