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Can a rotatable turntable(Servo controlled by a robot) be considered as the safeguarding from other robots within the same Robotics cell when itself is also movable? what if also when rotated 90 degrees it allows direct access into the cell as there is obviously no fixed guarding?

Is the RIA planning on producing a "Safety Video" similar to the one you sell that features the 1999 RIA standard that would now reference the 2012 standard?

Is a safety light curtain an acceptable barrier for the perimeter of a robot cell? Our customer would like to keep one of the cell walls easily accessible for fork lift access to remove/replace part containers.

Do all existing robotic arcwelding systems need to be brought up to RIA 2012 compliance in my factory by July 2014

Whom do I contact regarding a consultation on performing a proper risk assessment for any robotic application. I'm looking to create guidelines for safety and risk assessment when integrating our robot (Universal Robots) into a production environment.

We have a development lab operation that will be developing robots for eventual installation and use in an industrial setting. While the robots are being assembled and programmed in the lab, are there different, perhaps less restrictive safeguarding requirements for this limited-access lab environment?

Based on our Risk Assessment we need control reliable circuit to provide adequate safety for an operator entering the robot paint booth. We can achieve this via Safety door switch tied into the robot safety circuit. It is possible although to close the door and reset the circuit and start the circuit while a person is in booth. The door switch stops the robot so entering the booth is safe because it eliminates the hazard. RIA states that the operator shall be protected from restart. The fact that the operator can visibly see and confirm no one is in the booth prior to starting, is this considered a compliant or is more required?

What are the hazards associated with using industrial robots and how can they be minimized?

What are the safe working practices and procedures that need to be followed when developing and proving industrial robot operating programs?

We have a large respot line that has 54 robots and is 200 feet long. The line 65 units per hour. R15.06, 10.8.4 -f states that only one person shall be allowed in the safeguarded space in T2. That is not practical. We must perform other tasks on other robots in other stages at the same time. Can I do this with a risk assessment based on our procedures?

Can any part of the safety distance formula provided in the R15.06-1999 section 10.4.3 table 6 be modified by a risk assessment?

Can a robot cell safety door be locked from the out side? We have a client that wants to lock our safety latch closed from the out side of the cell.

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