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Welding, Arc Questions

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Hello. I am working on an ABB IRB 2600 with integrated power source fronius vr 7000 cmt. We have a big project, and we have been welding our product for 2 months now but we need to weld faster. For example I am running 5mm seam on sides of our product,13mm/s and when the speed is increased it cant give out so much wire and the seam is just getting smaller. What should I do? Use standard welding or pulse and try to go faster, or there is a way that I can do it with CMT? Max wire speed on it is 22 but it doesn't seem to reach that capacity.

We have an ABB 2400 M98 S4C robot and controller and a Miller Autoinvision power source. We don't have any control on the burn back procedure, not sure if the problem is with the robot controller or the power source parameters or other. Thanks

At my plant we are running several Panasonic TA-1600 manipulators with YA-1QAR series controllers and YA-1GJB series indexing tables. They come in a "Perform Arc" package from Panasonic/Miller. Ever since our Panasonic factory technician updated the software about a year ago we have been getting "No Communication" error messages. When this happens we have to power down the whole system to clear the fault. The operator will push the start button, the table will spin, then the robot loses servo power and drops out of auto mode, looking at the teach pendent the message "No Communication" is present. The fault always happens right as the table hits the home position (0 or 180 degrees) or very close. We have had various technicians working on this for over a year with no results. Has anyone here had any experience with this?

I see in RIA minimum height of a fixed guard is 55". Does this assume the robot is floor mounted? What if the robot is on a riser greater than 55"?

Automatic pulse on a Miller Panasonic system: should we be using the hand held modulator to set the pulse mode or set the pulse in manual?

I have auto axcess- 675 Miller power welder with motoman robot. How i can set up MIG spray transfer mode?

We would like to have a Fanuc robot hold a Front Floor Panel vertically in the air; then the operator would use a Warren Emhart manual stud welding gun to weld 13 studs onto the panel. Is there a way to create a safe situation in this senario? Must the power to the robot be killed during the welding process? How can the grounding be best accomplished?

We recently acquired a refurbished ABB IRC5 robotic weld cell. After choosing the robot on the "Tasks to Start and Stop" screen and making the necessary weld adjustment, the tasks which were stopped do not activate when put in automatic mode. This has to be done manually. I understand that this condition can be corrected in the configuration screen, but I have been unable to find information on how to accomplish this.

I use a Fanuc welding robot, recently I've been having a problem with welds floating all over the plac. At the company I work at we use a non cooled whip and welding gun doing pulse and mig welding at high temps and heavy weld. The robot is usually constantly running. Any ideas on what could be causing the floating welds?

I'm welding reinforcement bracing on the base of a robot! Should I shut the power off before welding or just ground to the area I'm welding to prevent arc damage!

What is the difference between an arc fault and weld fault?

I am interested in knowing the Welding Process for can welding ... These are big cans with a diameter of 20 inches steel. MIG or TIG welded. We would like to have automated robotic welding, as these cans are used for Diesel Particulate Filters. Weld joints will be subjected to high temperature and vibration.

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