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Are there any training programs that offer classes on how to integrate industrial robot? I've taken a lot of classes on how to program robots but I've had hard time finding classes on how to integrate robot (i.e. hooking up proxy sensor to the robot i.o. card, etc.) Thanks.

I am 18 and would like to get into the robotics industry without attending a traditional college. Is this possible?

What would be the best way to find a robotics chief architect? In other words someone who can successfully start, mange and lead a robotics project.

Which engineering fields of study do you think apply to the Robotics Industry?

I am 15 and want to know is robotic engineering a prefereable job? I am very interested in physics so please suggest any other options.

I am 15 and I plan on going into the field of robotics, so my question is "where should I start?"

What is the definition of DOF? How many DOF can a robot have?

I have been working as a robot programmer for a System Integrator for 4 years. During that time: 4 years I work with ABB Robot, 1 year work with Motoman Robot and 1 year work with KUKA Robot. But next year my company will not use them any more because we will use a PC-based B&R controller to control a Comau Robot (will not use Robot Controller any more). So my impression is my job will not be needed anymore, and I'm wondering if this is true?

Im studying Mekatronic Engineering and had some questions about industrial robots concerning the environment. What parts of a used robot can be recycled and what parts cannot? Is there any hazardous waste left after recycling? How costly is the recycling process compared to the price of manufacturing new robots? Is there any pollution while the robot is in use? Does the increasing production of robots have any negative effect on the environment concerning the use of raw materials? Thank you very much for any answer.

I am working on a project for robotics in 4-H and my guestion is what type of metal is lite but strong? I am leaving my coach's contact information below.

Hi. I am doing my Master in the field of robotics. I am very much interested to become a robot integrator. I wish to know which is the right path to extend my interest to a career set as a Robot system integrator. I would like to know some training details on these. At present I am in Germany. Thanks in advance

I’m a secondary student from Mexico and I am interested in developing my career on artificial intelligence for robots and I would like to know what career is an appropriate one and what universities you can recommend to me. Thanks for your advice.

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