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I see demo units a trade shows that clearly do not meet the strict RIA standard for production equipment. So my question is: Does the RIA have a standard for Trade Show Demonstration solutions?

I am looking for a programmer for robotic welding systems in the Baltimore, MD area. The original integrator has been out of business for years. Management wants to find someone local rather than a factory tech.

Could I buy an end effector only ? Is the end effector is independent of robot arm? Thanks in advance.

Hello. I was wondering, if I made an ROV out of PVC to be placed under water, how would I allow water into the base (to make it bottom heavy and not tilt too much) but ensure that when it rotates, the water doesnt flow to another part of the ROV and make that side now the heavier end? Meaning, how can I block of the inside of the PVC? Thanks!

Why does robot start its job one second late? The job start laser breaks and most of the time the robot immediately takes off to point one, all other times the robot will be delayed by one second before going out to the first point.

I am 13 years old I am looking for a Robotic summer camp near Pinckney mi.

What makes a robot, a robot?

We are looking to integrate robotic arms in to our jewellery factory to handle very detailed grinding and polishing down to 10microns. The products are small pieces of jewellery and we are considering air suction jigs for work holding - small volumes of 250 upto higher volumes of 5000 units. We also need to have pressure sensors to account for wear on the grinding and polishing wheels. Is this feasible at a reasonable price with today's technology?

I use the OTC Daihen Almega V6 and have been trying to figure out how to move a program to a new location. We have a new table and want to move programs without teaching them all over again. Also, I need to move some programs from one robot to another using the memory card. Thanks for any information on this.

Can I use a robot instead a human for weaving hand made carpet?

I have a program that finds a point in space (x,y,z,rotation). Can that program deliver coordinates to a robotic arm controller and the controller does the work of finding the fastest way to get to that point? If so, what is the protocol?

I have an idea for a robotic piece of equipment that would remove an old elastomeric expansion joint, scarifying the joint and installing a new seam. This is a repetitive operation that is done to expansion joints in parking garages. Do you know a company that would help design and produce such customized robotic maching?

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