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I'm looking for an unbiased opinion on the correct robot for a painting application. Is there somewhere I can find a pros/cons list of the major painting robots? Also what is the recomended method for determining paint path?

We are looking for a robot with 5 axes that will spray hot melt glue onto parts moving on a conveyer at speed of 10cm /sec. The single part size is 400mm long by 150mm wide and is curved and not flat. Spray time up to 5 seconds per part. Glue gun payload about 5kg. Cost is very important, therefore the robot should be the cheapest of its kind. Please offer suitable robot arms and makers.

We are a boat manufacturer and want to look at converting from manual gel coat application to robotic. I have no idea where to start looking.

Dear Sir/Madam I am looking for a robot that will be synchronized with a conveyer and will be able to paint a line of about 5 mm width on HDPE surface pretreated HDPE sheet. The speed of the conveyer is 15 m/sec and the robot should work like a quick plotter. Thank you for your assistance.

I'm looking to automate the coating removal and application process of a Low volume and high variation product that is approximately 80' x 12'. Do you know of a company capable to address such a task?

Looking for robot arm to convert manual automotive painting shop to robotics based one? Are there any suggestion for such a system?

What power and feedback cables are suitable/approved for use on a 3-axis linear gantry style paint robot used within a Class 1, Division 1 paint booth (i.e., continuous flexing requirement)? There is an apostophe in my last name between the 'O' and 'd' in my email address. Your system did not like the apostophe so I took it out so I could submit my question. You will need to add it back in if you wish to email me a response. Thanks!

Assuming the preparation for paint is adequate for painting, what is the expected percentage reduction in defects when going from a manual to a robotic painting system? Also, what are typical cycle time reductions in percentages? Is there a robot with a 20 foot reach to apply coatings in the inside of a 8' x 20' container?

We have a need to paint the inside of a 16" pipe that is the inlet pipe for a water tank. Do you know of a company or system that can handle sandblasting and painting of the inside of a pipe?

Looking for a robotic system to coat the floor and shell of storage tank.

I have an application painting a large object with a robot on a x-y axis table. Of the following robots Kawasaki, Fanuc, Abb, Motoman. which robot would be most suited and why? Thank you for your input, Mike Ott

We are considering changing over our paint system from a manual system to a robotic system. We are looking for a company that is presently using robotics for painting and also would welcome us to come into their facility to benchmark for our application. We paint heavy duty truck transmissions with a waterbased undercoat.

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