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Hi I work in an airline catering company and we are looking at automating our dishing operations. Is there any name for a system that dispenses separate food components like rice, non-green veg (carrot, potato, broccoli) and meat slices into a meal box? I was told by several automation companies it would be difficult and am looking for one willing to explore this option.

I am looking for a dispensing robot that can dispense on to Cakes (i.e. write on, being a signature or capital lettering) - so it needs to be programmable.

I am in a robotics engineering class and I need to develop or find information on actuator holding and switching stations. It can be a solid setup for easier armature positioning. In fact this would be preferred. Any suggestions or feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank You, Dave La Ven MPTC, Fondulac Wisc.

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