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Is there a robotic device about the size of a bread basket that can be attached to a helicopter rotor blade and be used to inspect that blade? If so, please tell me what it is. The need for this info is urgent!

How does this application meet the AWS D1.1 spec for visually inspecting the welds?

There is a crater in Mexico that came from an oil drilling effort early in the 1900's. It has become a lagoon 450 mts wide by 120mts deep. We need to explore it via robot, is there such a robot?

I work at Toyota Manufacturing Indiana (Sienna Line). I am in the body Weld department. We are installing a robot cell on a conveyor that Team Members will also be working on the body. The robot will be measuring door flushness with a Perceptron system. I already have a Cat4 safety cell to protect from TM entry to the robot work zone. My question is, do I need to protect TMs from being able to touch the body if part of the body is in the work zone?

Can you recommend books about mobil robotics, kinematic and dynamic?

Does ABB robot has a solution for the Ingress/Egress Test of automotive seat?

We are producing canned products. The speed of the seamer is about 250 cans per minute. Is there a system that can check the seam of the can at that speed and remove cans with defective seaming?

Do you know if there is any type of robotic equipment, movable arms, etc. to lift radiographic photoequipment up in the air for taking photos 10-20 meters above the ground ? If such equipment exists, what would the prices be ?

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