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Material Removal Questions

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I work in a foundry and we have several ABB robots of different sizes that we used to use in a process for material handling. We no longer perform this process and so the robots have been sitting for several years. All robots were manufactured in the early 2000's. Is it possible to retool these robots with a spindle and upgrade the controllers to use them for light milling applications? Thanks for the help.

Looking for a system that would be able to cover an 8x4 foot approx. area and pick up too small or too big of a food product ranging from .5x.5 of an inch to 2x2 inchs. Semi-soft product. Travling apprx. 1 foot per second.

What I am trying to do is use a robot that will suck liquid out of a 8' by 4' "cookie sheet" looking apparatus and drain it into a holding tank. Ideally, as the "cookie sheets" pass on a conveyor belt, the robot will have an arm that will move down and suck (vacuum) the liquid out of the pan, drain it into a tank, and then proceed to do it for each passing "cookie sheet". Each cookie sheet would pass through the machine at an inconsistent rate so a sensor may be needed. The height of the cookie sheet is approximately 1.5 cm. Thank you for all of your help.

I am looking for a robotic set up that will cut a pipe in half on a 45 deg angle and put holes in the opposite ends. Does anyone know of something like this?

I am brand new in this field of robotics but I'm not new in supplying specialized abrasives and tools in the Aerospace & Aviation field. I have a customer that is interested in using robotics to sand down exotic metals that is concave and has some radius and particular geometry. Their product ranges from 1 foot to 2 feet in length. Are there robots that can handle sanding in those concave and radius area,s and are there companies that incentivize companies like me to work with them. They are looking to me as their supplier since I work closely with them.

Hello, I am a mechanical engineer and work with Industrial Robots for Material removal processes. By the complexity of such applications (specially machining) off-line programming is more than needed. When using off-line programming we need to have a good calibrated robot system, but this culture is not well disseminated among manufacturers, once teaching (most used option) dilutes the error. Where could I get more information about Robot Calibration (TCP and Joints)? Or someone who knows about it? Thank you.

Did Motoman Robots ever use DC Brush Type Servo Motors? I am considering one that I may need to add a control to.

We are looking for a radially compliant spindle which can take up cylindrical diamond cutter - for grinding cast iron part . Robot will present the part to the tool. Can you please help?

5 axiz CNC v Robotic arm - Our company manufactures thermoformed polycarbonate windshields for various industries, Motorsport, forestry vehicles, Aircraft and we have been looking to purchase a typical gantry based 5 axis CNC for trimming the windows, for what we do we are lookig at a huge machine- It has been suggested to look at a robotic arm with a routing spindle and having a quick look has made me realise that a robotic arm would give us the flexibility that we have been struggling to get, My question (and i guess this may be a stupid question) - are they going to be as accurate as a gantry mounted CNC, and can they work from trimming small parts (size of a classic car headlamp cover) in 2mm polycarbonate up to large 2.5m x 1.3m x 12mm thick polycarbonate ?

We are looking for robotic deburring system, can anyone suggest a system manufacturer .

I see the question about "... a 5 axis gantry milling machine be considered a robot ..." but the answers seem contradictory. We have developed a XZY gantry for a wood routing Table that we are preparing to inter the market with to consumers. I have contacted UL and they said it would be considered a Robot. When is a machine considered a "Robot" verses a CNC machine? ISO defines it as a machine with 3 or more axis, if that is true then every milling machine would be considered a robot. I came from the machine tool industry which sold plasma machines which were XYZ gantry tables and UL did not consider those to be Robots. So why would a XYZ Gantry be considered a Robot? I can understand it being a Robot if it was a pick and place machine, maybe.

Can I use a program that is on another machine that is on tracks and imported into a robotic arm?

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