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We have 2 fanuc robots with rj2 controls. We are building a water deburring cell and need pin point accuracy. Is there offline software for this application? Fanuc said they're outdated.

we have a SV3X Motoman robot in our company and we want to use the robot in MIG welding application. So, how to develop the program? Is there any instruction set available to develop the program? And is there any need of a simulation software or can we create the programming in the programming pendant itself? Is there any manual available on how to create a program with the set of instructions defined?

When was offline programming introduced for a welding process?

We have ASIA robot used for welding. Can we do the OFFLINE program? Presently we are doing the program by teaching the coordinates.

I recently bought my first robot; an ArcMate 100i w/RJ2 controller on ebay. As you can imagine, I am engaged in a very exciting learning curve. I plan to use the robot in a JIT mode by building an extensive library system and cut parts with a plasma torch. I have narrowed it down to SolidWorks and RobotWorks for simulation and OLP. Is that the way to go in this price range?

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