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I want to know who is responsible for calibration of the servomotor in the servo gun in a BIW project.1)line builder. 2)Gun manufacturer 3) Servomotor manufacturer 4)The controller manufacturer.

Hello, We are looking for a 3D machine vision system to work with our robotized palletizing and depalletizing application based on ABB robots. The ideal system would need to analyze a full pallet of boxes, check for possible defects that might interfere with the pick operation, output the dimensions and the position of the box Check and confirm the space where a box will be placed. Can you help us find something similar? Kind regards, Giedrius

Are there any good webinars on Systems Integration?

What CAM software but RobotMaster creates 6-axis robot program code off-line?

What is exactly moving between the motion control block of the robot controller and manipulator arm? Is there any feedback from servo motors to motion control block or is the actual control done inside servos?

I have 4 KUKA 761-125/150 robots from 1994 that I'm trying to get running. Having trouble getting the feed computer to talk to the control CPU. Anyone have any experience with these older machines? I'm very close but need a little insight. Thanks in advance. Marc

I'm looking for a SAW or MIG process to weld big nozzles or pipes in pressure vessels; the requirement is to weld with a semi automatic process in flat position.

I have a series of 4 round parts ranging from an OD of 200mm and an ID of 108mm; thickness of 8mm. I'm looking for the best solution of deburring both sides following a turning operation. For now we'll say the OD has large spline teeth which have a large burr after turning. My vision is using a robot to pick the part from a conveyor, rotate the part to a series of stationary air driven wire brush units, and the robot able to rotate the part at a sufficient enough speed to deburr the part. Followed by placing the part on a conveyor. Can anyone help with this vision?

I'm looking for applications with robotics using wireless communications. There are lots of wireless communications uses in the military robots such as UAVs etc... I'm specifically looking for other wireless communications applications in other than military uses.

Is it possible adapt an old ABB S3 or S2 Controller for a mill system? If so, which software is needed?

What integrators are experienced with coiling wire or cable that has objects attached to one end?

I have a unique application for under floor wire tracking. This is the same type of wire tracking device used on parts delivery systems using automated pallet trucks in assembly plants. I need the tracking units to adapt over to a different type of delivery system needed for a hospital enviroment. My time frame is short, less than 2 months, and we need to move fast as the wire has to be included in the building design. Thank you in advance for any and all help on this one. Include your info and credit for the help will be noted in the designs. You will get a copy after the finalization.

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