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Whats are the future trends that are expected to affect robots in assembly lines over the next 5 - 10 years?Are there any up and coming "game changers" . I am interested in knowing about safety technologies which would allow a cell footprint to be smaller, new applications or significant improvements to existing technologies. How do you see integration/programming of robots in assembly cell changing over the next few years?

Hi, I am looking for something to grab, hold, and place a 20" flexible plastic strip from one end if possible. It could be required to sense and flip as the strip is wider on one side. Activating a switch for an adjustable time frame, 1 to 3 seconds would also be necessary after proper placement.

I need to lock and protect robot arm while inserting a part with the cylinder mounted on the end of arm tooling. What is the best way to do this?

In our plant we have krc16 Kuka mig welding robots. Because of air foul back in blower we are getting porosity, so can't cover the wire feed nozzle by any material for arresting the gas disturbance caused by air. Please give a solution.

I am manufacturer of Lighting fittings and need some robotics solution for assembly work.

We are designing a six axis "pick and place" robotic arm, the total length of arm is 900mm and the wait of component to be picked is 200gm , of what specification of servo motors(rpm, torque,watt) should we take and can this robotic arm be controlled by PLC ?

Task # 1 Place 30mm diameter plastic part on rotary table Task # 2 Place 30mm diameter Membrane in same plastic part using vacumn suction cup task # 3 Place 30mm diameter top to complete assembly Task # 4 Remove completed assembly

Is there a rule about robot cage doors being locked in open position when entering the robot cell? I understand about the interlocks on the doors but is there an additional requirement to prevent the door from being closed and the robot being reset with someone potential still in there?

We are designing a 3 DOF Industrial Robot for an appplication at our institute. Can you please guide us for designing and fabricating the robot? Can you please suggest us some useful resources as a start point for designing an industrial robot? This is our first project in design and development of Industrial Robot.

What are the anti gravity springs? how and why should i install them on my articulated robot?

A 2 axis robot arm trajectory imposed a non continuous acceleration on my motors, should i consider using a damper, or a different study path?

Need robotics for 2 pc per box insertion of cotton fiber and mating of top and bottom of box insertation of 100 in corrugated carton. Top and bottom of boxes come off two separate machines sitting side by side. Craven wrapping machines. Cotton gets inserted in bottom of box.

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