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Spot Welding Questions

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We are planning a robotic work cell to handle some spot welding. Is there a integrator in the Chicago area that specializes in this area?

We produce aluminum bags from aluminum foil, same thickness with household foil. I'm looking for a solution to close one side of it by welding it. Do you have a solution for this?

My company is a KUKA customer. What is the special tool necessary to maintain this robot?

I am looking for a pair of dual tip trans guns. If anybody can give me any information I would appreciate it. New or used.

I have a need for a company that supplies spot welding gun on the stand covers. We have many guns that have dirt and weld spatter that get on top of the tools when they are on the stands.

Looking for a programming training manual for ABB s3 robot

I have to program a couple older ABB S3 robots to weld. The teaching of the program isn't a really big deal, I took a few robotics classes in college. What I'm curious about is that I know a lot of places do 'housekeeping' programs on the initial start-up. What exactly do factories want to see here? What kind of programs do most people write for this?

We manufacture boilers (stainless steel or cooper depending on the model) for coffee machines. We are looking for a MIG/TIG Welding Robot. Boiler´s sizes: Largest: 450 mm x 250 mm. Smallest: 150 mm x 50 mm. Thikness: 1.5 mm – 2.5 mm Any robot suggested for this application?

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