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Safety Questions

Question Asked:

For field deployed autonomous service robots that are moved frequently (eg multi times a day). Does any one know what the legal requirements for safety are, or where the information can be found? Safety fencing, interlocks, floor mats, laser barriers etc are all not feasible to restrict entry into the environment.

2 Answers

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Eric Esson - National Sales & Marketing Manager
Frommelt Safety Products
eesson [at] ritehite [dot] com
(262) 574-1126

what about a interlocked automated door? Check out frommeltssaefty.com to restrict access to the work environment in which the robot is housed.

Dan Junker - President
Automation Rangers, Ltd.
danj [at] automationrangers [dot] com
(513) 226-5733

Try an enabling based system from HBC-radiomatic. Automation Rangers is a Rep and our web site is www.industrialwirelesssafety.com. This will give you some ideas. We can refer you to local support if you decide to go this way.

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