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Whether you are new to robotics or an experienced user, you will find valuable robotics resources here. You’ll find general reference materials such as the Handbook for Industrial Robotics, as well as technical books and conference proceedings. This is also where you can find valuable industry reports and statistics.

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Automate 2013 Conference Proceedings

Automate is delighted to showcase critical automation technologies that impact the success of companies in all industries across the globe. The Automate 2013 Conference Proceedings 4GB USB flash drive is now available for purchase. It includes informative presentations from industry experts on a variety of topics relating to the automation industry. This flash drive also includes all of the information needed to study for The AIA Basic and Advanced CVP Certification exams!

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Applied Robotics

This book is designed to give the beginner a thorough and complete introduction into the field of robotics with simple projects and easy-to-read explanations.

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Applied Robotics II

Author: Edwin Wise

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Mechatronics for the Evil Genius

Author: Newton C. Braga

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Robot Builder's Bonanza, 2nd Edition

This updated edition of Robot Builder's Bonanza features fascinating science tidbits, field-tested projects, and modular organization to make it easy to invent and build your own designs.

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Robot Builder's Sourcebook

This book lists over 2500 international mail-order suppliers and other sources to help you find-common and uncommon robotics parts and supplies.

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Robot Technology Fundamentals

1999, 470 pages, hard cover.

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Service Robots

This hardcover book is clearly written and well-researched. It portrays the development of a service robot from the original idea to the point of implementation. It describes the products available now and predicts what we can expect from service robots in the future.

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