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Handbook of Optical and Laser Scanning

Gerald F. Marshall ©2004

The Handbook of Optical and Laser Scanning reveals the fundamentals of controlling light beam deflection, factors in image fidelity and quality, and the newest technological developments currently impacting scanner system design and applications. This book features authoritative yet accessible writing, hundreds of supporting technical illustrations, and logical chapter organization to aide in the understanding of today’s principle scanning systems.

This book:

  • Describes optical systems for laser scanners
  • Scrutinizes monogonal and polygonal scanner system design
  • Covers motors, drivers, and rotary scanner bearings for polygonal scanners
  • Outlines attributes of preobjective scanners and image yield
  • Dissects galvanometric, resonant, and oscillatory scanners, regards optical disk scanning and thermal printhead technologies
  • Includes a convenient glossary of scanner terminology

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