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ABICOR Binzel produces more than 25% of the world's GMAW welding guns and is more than three times larger than its closest competitor. Locations include the world headquarters in Giessen, Germany, additional manufacturing units in the United States, Germany, Switzerland, India and China, plus sales, assembly, and distribution in more than 30 countries worldwide. In the U.S., ABICOR Binzel's 40,000 square foot factory and office complex in Frederick, Maryland houses ABICOR's largest GMAW welding gun manufacturing facility outside Europe, plus repair, technical, sales, advertising, accounting and administrative departments. Outside Frederick, ABICOR sales managers provide local sales and technical support to OEM's, systems houses and welding distributors and their customers in all regions of the country.

Case Studies

Common gun and torch questions for robotic arc welding

POSTED: 05/01/2003

What Is the Basic Equipment Needed? The general rule for welding power supplies is to use a machine that can deliver 20 percent more power than the amperage needed to weld. The parameters for robotic welding may be higher than for manual welding to accommodate a higher duty cycle and

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