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Terra Community College

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  • Member Since 2009
  • Robotic Educator/Researcher

Associate Degree – Robotics: Integrated Manufacturing

The Robotics/Integrated Manufacturing Program prepares students in industrial automation in applications (engineering) positions as well as a service (maintenance) type positions.

Students use robotics with programmable controllers, as well as conventional control systems, to solve problems in an industrial flexible manufacturing laboratory.

Robotic students train on electrical equipment such as DC and AC motors, controllers such as VFDs, servo and stepper systems, and Allen-Bradley, and Siemens programmable controllers with Rockwell RSLinx and RSLogix software.

Troubleshooting hardware and software systems of an automated system, along with concepts of how they are integrated, are important parts of the training.

Potential Occupations — Automation Technician — Integrated Manufacturing Technician — Field Service Representative — Flexible Manufacturing Technician


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