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The University of Texas at Arlington

»Robotic Educator/Researcher - TX, United States

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The Manufacturing Automation and Robotic Systems (MARS) Lab caters to both academic research as well as industry sponsored research. Academically, it is used as a teaching tool for automation and robotics based classes where hands on robotic instruction is encouraged at both the graduate and undergraduate level. Industry funded research projects involve automated workcell studies using state of the art hardware and software tools. These provide not just additional educational and research opportunities to the student, but also provide valuable research to the sponsoring company. This helps to bring the university and corporate resources together in a way that both can benefit from. The real beneficiaries however are the students who leave better prepared to serve in the fields of robotics, manufacturing, automation and controls in industry.

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Mechanical Engineering Department 500 W. First Street
Arlington, TX 76019-0001 United States
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