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Dane Systems, LLC.

»Robotic Integrator - MI, United States

Company Description

Dane Systems specializes in designing and building assembly and test equipment of all types. As a full-service custom automation builder and integrator, we turn your complex assembly processes into production-ready equipment. This is where Dane’s skill and experience really pays off. Since 1990, Dane has assembled a team of highly skilled machine design engineers, controls engineers, and manufacturing personnel who understand manufacturing and how to automate processes that optimize your assembly requirements to help you be more competitive in today’s market. We work to understand your needs and match the process and equipment to meet those needs. Our commitment to standing behind our customers and providing quality solutions has reached into many industries, including automotive, electronic, aerospace, stored power, appliance, medical, military, and computer products.

Our specialization coupled with long-term support and strong financial backing allows us to be an industry leader in providing custom automated solutions in the following areas: - Automated Assembly - Small Components, Hi-Speed Assembly - Large Components, Complex Processes - Metal Working/Forming/Removal/Riveting - Plastic, Composite Material Assembly - Automated Dispensing - Parts Feeding/Screw driving/Marking Systems - Welding - Spot, Projection, Resistance, MIG/TIG, Sonic, Laser - Machine Tending/Material Handling - Over molding - Machine Loading/Unloading and Transfer - De-Palletizing/Palletizing/Pack-out - Automated Testing of Assembled Components - Vision Inspection - Leak Testing - Functional Testing

Contact Information:
7275 Red Arrow Highway
Stevensville, MI 49127-9734 United States
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