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Dynamic Robotic Solutions

  • MI, United States
  • Tel: (248) 829-2879
  • Fax: (248) 829-2750
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  • Member Since 1999
  • Robotic Integrator

Dynamic Robotic Solutions is the global leader in turnkey robotic Material Removal systems. DRS specializes in 3D trimming, cutting and cleaning applications utilizing router trimming, waterjet cutting, and high pressure water cleaning processes. DRS also has expertise in deflashing, laser trimming, surface finishing, dispensing and material handling.

DRS serves a wide variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, appliance, plastics, composites, bath/shower, marine, renewable energy, casting, military, wood, and consumer goods. Capabilities include process testing, simulation, project management, engineering, fabricating, system integration, software, training and legendary customer service. DRS is FANUC Robotics’ exclusive partner for waterjet and router trimming in the Americas. Dynamic Robotic Solutions. Creating value through automation.

Case Studies

KMT Robotic Solutions responds quickly to repair flood damaged robotic system at Tier II supplier

POSTED: 06/22/2010

On Saturday, May 1, 2010, the Cumberland River overflowed its banks and caused extensive flooding in Nashville, TN. For three (3) days a Tier II supplier

Precision Grinding System at BMW

POSTED: 12/03/2009

When world renowned car maker BMW needed a precision grinding system to manufacture the carbon fiber roof on their 2008 M3, they teamed with KMT Robotic Solutions to create an automated manufacturing process that improves quality and safety while increasing productivity. 

Waterjet Trimming Composite Boats

POSTED: 01/30/2009

Ranger Boats, located in Flippin, Ark., USA, is a world-renowned manufacturer of recreational and tournament bass fishing boats.  

Routing system reduces race kit car cost and improves quality

POSTED: 08/28/2008

Challenge Factory Five Racing, Inc., was faced with the challenge of trimming fiberglass and plastic reinforced kit car panels by hand using routers and trim fixtures. The hand trimming process and accidental fixture movement created inconsistencies in quality and contributed to a high reject rate. Solution KMT Robotic Solutions responded to

Waterjet Stripping System helps GE reduce cost and improve productivity

POSTED: 08/28/2008

Challenge For the past 12 years, GE Strother used a waterjet stripping machine with a closed loop filtering process to remove thermal sprayed coatings from jet engine components. Thermal coatings, made of ultra-fine grained metal alloys or ceramics, are applied to protect the base material of components that are exposed

Router Trimming system produces Class A surfaces

POSTED: 08/28/2008

Challenge Durakon Industries, headquartered in Lapeer, Mich., is the world’s leading supplier of vehicle protection and cargo management systems for original equipment manufacturers and the aftermarket. In trimming a variety of large, molded in color automotive exterior trim components, Durakon needed a robotic router trimming solution that could meet the

Trimming challenging materials with waterjet

POSTED: 08/11/2008

Challenge Plastics Unlimited is an Iowa-based company that manufactures custom thermoformed products including automotive and recreational vehicle trim, shipping pallets, packaging materials, covers and shrouds. Plastics Unlimited has also developed a unique,

Carbon Fiber Part Router Trimming

POSTED: 08/11/2008

Challenge PlasanUSA, a Vermont, USA, based manufacturer of custom carbon and fiberglass composite automotive components, is a major supplier of automotive fenders, hoods and roof panels for leading American sports cars. When Plasan (then Vermont Composites) won the business

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