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MICROMO is a leader with full service micro motion solutions. MICROMO offers excellence in micro motor and encoder technology as well as design customization. MICROMO brings together value-added services and cutting-edge technologies from around the world through high efficiency, high performance micro motion solutions.

"The MICROMO Difference" includes ISO9001 and 13485 certification, custom design and complete clean room subassembly, Express Prototyping, a dedicated CNC machine shop, a state-of-the-art testing laboratory, local inventory and Just-in-Time delivery, responsive, highly trained, long-term staff and energy-efficient solutions and enhanced product life.

MICROMO, based in Clearwater, Florida, is a member of the FAULHABER Group and represents FAULHABER products in the Americas.

Case Studies

Micro-Actuators Move Sensitive 4-Finger Hand

POSTED: 10/07/2013

To date, use of robotic hands in industrial production has been restricted to rugged two and three-finger grippers. They are being used for the purpose of executing relatively simple movements. Robotic hands for more delicate tasks have proven unsuccessful due to the lack of available technical capabilities. Positive interaction of

Printing is This Color Right?

POSTED: 10/04/2013

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Solar Wafer Production in Horizontal Furnace

POSTED: 10/04/2013

800x600 Modern micro-electronics and photovoltaic “live“ on coated silicon chips. The most cost-effective way to produce them is to cut out individual transistors, CPU chips and solar cells from large units known as silicon wafers. This means that the highly sterile silicon wafer has to be accurately

Robotic Rover

POSTED: 09/19/2013

Standard Motors Keep Vehicles Moving On Tough Terrain Modern computer and sensor technology is perfect for fast, reliable data-gathering. Even such inhospitable environments as volcanoes, furnaces and the inner workings of nuclear power stations are no longer a problem. Unfortunately, this technology has always had one disadvantage: its lack

Small DC Motors Power Mini Reconnaissance Robot

POSTED: 09/19/2013

Ruggedized motors, coupled with a titanium housing and clever clutch design deliver a dumbbell-sized unmanned ground vehicle that can survive a 30 foot drop onto concrete. On March 22, 2012, French commandos surrounded a building in Toulouse where an Islamic extremist was holed up after a shooting rampage that

Welding Simulator Steps Up

POSTED: 09/19/2013

Stepper motors retract electrode in welding trainer to simulate realistic performance. Arc welding processes require the welder to use good workmanship in order to produce sound welds. Poor technique such as an overly long distance between the electrode and the work piece (arc length) can make the difference between

Stepper Motors Regulate Adaptive Soldering and Welding Wire Feed

POSTED: 09/19/2013

There are various processes available for automated soldering or welding. Whether soldering, induction brazing or laser welding the weld filler metal is often delivered by wire. However, this is exactly where the difficulty lies. The system must always deliver a reproducible length of filler metal to the correct

Micromotors Power 5-Axis CNC Unit

POSTED: 09/19/2013

Small but mighty DC Micromotors power 5-Axis CNC Machine There is a clear trend towards making components as small and compact as possible, even in mechatronic components. It saves both raw materials and costs! Even the production of these components has potential for

Multiple-Axis Joint Makes Robotic Arm Lighter

POSTED: 09/18/2013

Freely moving arms are a well-established solution when it comes to handling tools within a three dimensional space, and not just for robots. But most of the solutions available thus far have struggled to overcome the

Face of the Future

POSTED: 09/17/2013

Micro Drives Gives Humanoid Service Robots Human Traits Since time immemorial,people have dreamed of creating artificial human beings. Nowadays,modern technology is capable of realizing this dream in the form of the humanoid robot. Even if there is still a considerable amount of development work necessary, every project has to

Robotic Biopsy System Drives the Point Home

POSTED: 07/18/2012

Compact, high-torque motors precisely control biopsy needle to improve speed, efficiency, and radiation exposure.   It started out with a simple question one day during Dr. Rajiv Gupta’s residency at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH): Why, with CT scanners routinely achieving submillimeter

Automation speeds Pharmaceutical Dispensing

POSTED: 07/18/2012

  Lines at your local pharmacy will be a thing of the past, if ScriptPro (Mission, Kansas) has anything to say about it. The company’s automated prescription dispensing systems can handle everything from tablets and capsules to packages of ointments, offering complete

Acrobatic Top performance

POSTED: 09/20/2011

Project studies open up future perspectives and can also inspire people. Nowhere is this truer than in the field of mechatronics, which connects three highly dynamic and growing fields

High Risk Duty Robots

POSTED: 07/28/2011

In a world in which an abandoned suitcase, a box, or even a pile of rubble can conceal an improvised  explosive device (IED), bomb-disposal robots have become essential. Many units in the field bristle with cameras, feedback

DC Micromotors Make for a Powerful and Flexible Robot Arm

POSTED: 07/28/2011

Today, mobile robots are often deployed in critical situations that are simply too dangerous for humans to handle as part of industrial operations, law enforcement or anti-terror measures,

Machine Imitates Life

POSTED: 06/09/2011

In an increasingly virtual world, the ability to simulate touch provides powerful advantages, for example allowing an online shopper to “feel” a shirt fabric. Enter the discipline of

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