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Alpha Wire

  • NJ, United States
  • Tel: (908) 925-8000
  • Fax: (908) 925-6923
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  • Member Since 2015
  • Robotic Supplier

Leadership in Wire and Cable

From humble beginnings in 1922, Alpha Wire has become a dynamic industry leader in the development and supply of high-performance, high-reliability wire and cable. During that time, we've consistently focused on providing customers the committed service they deserve, and on being the easiest and most responsive supplier of wire, cable, and tubing.

Extensive Portfolio

Available for same-day shipment from stock, our extensive wire and cable portfolio includes nearly every configuration and material you could possibly need, ranging from the rugged reliability of our Xtra-Guard® performance cables to our extensive Alpha Essentials™ line of industry-standard cables, and our EcoGen™ family of smaller, lighter, zero halogen mPPE wire and cable. Additionally, Coast™ Custom Cable provides the widest range of cable materials and configuration capabilities tailored to your specific needs.


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