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item North America

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  • Member Since 2010
  • Robotic Supplier

item North America is an engineering, design and build firm focusing on the use of structural aluminum profiles and modular components to create cartesian robots, gantry robots, material handling robots, industrial robots XYZ and linear robots.

item aluminum extrusions and modular machine building components can be combined to create a robust structure utilizing precision T-slots as the pathway for hardened steel shafts, providing linear motion in the X, Y, and/ or Z axis.

A cartesian coordinate robot or a linear robot is capable of reaching every single point within a work envelope at an extremely reasonable cost.

XYZ directional movement taking place in vertical or horizontal positions can be designed to move a few ounces or thousands of pounds depending on application requirements.

Automated solutions from item North America can be a cost effective answer to your next assembly, automation, material handling or packaging operation application.


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