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Tokyo Electron

»Robotic User - AZ, United States

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Tokyo Electron (TEL) was born in 1963 when a group of young innovators introduced American semiconductor production equipment and integrated circuit testers to Japan. As our competitors began pulling out of research and development, we continued to develop that side of our business. As a result, our equipment has driven much of the change within the industry.

Fast-forward to today , where our entrepreneurial spirit is still alive and well, as we engineer, manufacture, sell, and service semiconductor production equipment and other product lines. Our company has grown rapidly, expanding to 85 offices in 12 countries, with a team that's over 10,500 people strong. Our profits have also kept pace with our progress: our revenues are $8 billion (USD). We've become the second-largest manufacturer of semiconductor production equipment in the world. In fact, our equipment is used in the production of semiconductors for nearly every electronic device.

Contact Information:
2545 West Frye Road Suite 1
Chandler, AZ 85224 United States
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