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CDS Corporation

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  • Member Since 2012
  • Robotic Supplier

Rotary Indexers & Servo Positioning Turntables for Robotic Work Cells CDS designs and manufactures precise work positioning systems for robotic welding cells and other advanced systems in automated manufacturing. These robust rotary positioning tables are utilized in robot work cells where around the clock 24/7 performance and reliability are a must. CDS indexing tables & servo turntables are designed to meet the heavy duty, high production demands of robotic welding work cells. We provide 12 different model sizes of Cylindrical Cam Driven or Servo Controlled Rotary positioners ranging in capacity from 200 pounds to 20,000+ pounds. The typical number of positional stations for a Cylindrical Cam Driven indexer include 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 positions, with other numbers of stations also available as standard. Whereas our Servo Controlled Rotary Tables provide flexible positioning for any number of stations.


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