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Koett Engineering LLC

»Robotic Consultant - CO, United States

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Koett Engineering provides control and automation consulting services such as system integration, project sizing and scaling estimates, custom interface design and procurement. Koett can assist with system level simulation using industry standard tools Matlab / Simulink. Koett also provides LabVIEW software development services. Koett understands BDCM / PMSM motor drive technology and can help with trapezoidal or space vector commutated motor drives and amplifiers. In addition, we help with electronics definition, and requirements development. We are expert at implementation activities covering circuit design, schematic generation, PCB layout CAD support, as well as rapid prototyping. As a product takes shape we can assist in verification activities like first article test and inspection, prototype test and debug, as well as environmental testing. Koett Engineering can help solve the issues of integration, including system level debug and system shielding and grounding.

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400 North Link Lane
Fort Collins, CO 80524 United States
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