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The CATS provides a means for industry to utilize an extensive pool of knowledge and expertise at RPI in the science and technology of automation. Nearly 50 faculty members in nine departments at RPI participate in the research and educational programs of the Center. The CATS pursues a mission of research excellence and service to industry, applying core technologies to a broad range of applications.

The traditional engineering of automated systems is frequently addressed by conservative over-design or by experience-based trial and error. However, the steady advances in computational power and miniaturized sensors and actuators make feasible new strategies: the broad application of an integrated systems approach, which promises higher performance, efficiency, robustness, and reliability. The CATS works with industrial partners to advance model-based methods and apply them to design, optimization, control, and monitoring for challenging and high impact real-world problems.

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110 8th Street - CII 8011
Troy, NY 12180 United States
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