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Weiler Corporation

»Robotic Consultant - PA, United States

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Weiler Corporation is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of wire brushes and Nylox(R) nylon abrasive filament brushes that are used in many robotic deburring applications. Nylox(R) brushes are very compliant multi-directional tools that solve many deburring, edge radiusing and surface finishing applications. Nylox(R) brushes are constructed using nylon filaments impregnated with silicon abrasive grains that act like flexible files deburring and edge blending as they conform to the work piece. Consistent deburring action is achieved because new, sharp cutting grains are constantly being exposed during use. Companies can save both time and money by using Nylox(R) brushes in robotic and other automated processes.

Contact Information:
One Wildwood Drive
Cresco, PA 18326-9804 United States
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