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Robotic Industries Association

  • MI, United States
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  • Member Since 1900
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Robotic Industries Association publishes Robotics Online which provides information to help engineers, managers and executives apply and justify robotics and flexible automation. The site includes a proprietary search engine algorithm that makes it easy to find and compare leading companies, products and services. Robotics Online is dedicated to news, articles and information specifically for the robotics industry.

RIA members contribute content, serve as experts for “Ask the Experts" and guide the Association with input from committees and volunteers that help write robot standards and technical reports. Publications, including safety standards and risk assessment software, are available from the online bookstore.

Founded in 1974, RIA is the only trade group in North America organized specifically to serve the robotics industry. Member companies include leading robot manufacturers, users, system integrators, component suppliers, research groups, and consulting firms.

Industry Insights

Hometown Manufacturing: Robots Work for Companies of All Sizes

POSTED: 10/17/2005

Remember the days when robot sales were driven primarily by large volume orders and by companies in the automotive sector? Today, small and medium sized companies receive more attention than ever from robot suppliers. Now, ‘‘Hometown Manufacturing, Inc.’‘ with its small workforce and short runs is a coveted customer of

ROBOTICS: Looming Ever Larger in Smaller Businesses

POSTED: 06/17/2005

Increasingly, automation is strengthening smaller businesses and providing a much-needed competitive edge. Time was, the notion of ‘‘robotics and automation’‘ fell on the deaf, often skeptical ears of smaller manufacturing firm owners throughout the country. ‘‘Too expensive for my little operation.’‘ ‘‘Robots are only

The Law is the Law: Using Robotics to Comply with FDA Regulations

POSTED: 06/06/2005

Many industries use robotics to help them comply with a myriad of legal requirements. This runs the gamut of ergonomic requirements to avoid on-the-job injuries and repetitive stress syndrome, to the necessity of having robots perform dangerous jobs involving hazardous or toxic materials. The pharmaceutical

What Material Removal Process is Right for You?

POSTED: 05/16/2005

When manufacturing many automotive and non-automotive parts there is usually a need for a material removal operation. Wise manufacturing engineers will choose robotics as a means of performing material removal. With several types of robotic material removal processes available, integrators have a choice of waterjet

Bulk Palletizing Robotics: Strengthening the Food and Beverage Industry’s Bottom-Line

POSTED: 05/02/2005

With an improving economy and increased demand for ready-made food and drinks to meet today’s busy lifestyle, robot OEMs are busier than ever designing products to improve palletizing efficiency for food and beverage processors. While budgets remain about the same as last year, equipment

Robotic Ergonomics and Part Traceability

POSTED: 04/18/2005

Until recently, ergonomics and part traceability had little in common except that they are two of the most significant issues that manufacturers face today. Ergonomic hazards are among the chief concerns companies and workers face, where repetitive motion and lifting actions can lead to

New Canadian Standard for Lockout Programs Debuts at Toronto Safety Conference

POSTED: 03/15/2005

Preparation for the next North American Robot Safety Conference, March 21-24, 2005 is complete. Continuing the pattern of the last couple conferences, we are excited to be part of the introduction of a new Canadian industrial safety standard. This time it is the new standard for lockout programs – CSA

Robotic Whole Body Stereotactic Radiosurgery: Clinical Advantages of the CyberKnife® Integrated System

POSTED: 03/01/2005

È Coste-Manière Accuray Europe, Paris, France D Olender, W Kilby and R A Schulz Accuray Inc., Sunnyvale, California, USA Correspondence to: R Schulz RIA EDITOR’S NOTE:  Medical applications of commercial robotics have gained widespread acceptance.  This paper examines the use of robots in radiosurgery. The definition of an

Robots: Flexible Automation for a Strong Economy

POSTED: 02/11/2005

Just how should American manufacturing react to the cheap foreign labor available overseas? Many people have answered this question by proposing tariffs and organizing boycotts, but others are taking a much more productive and proactive approach. More companies in a growing number of industries are recognizing that wealthy societies such

Control of Robo Motion

POSTED: 01/17/2005

Without motion control, robotic work cells would not be able to perform their assigned tasks when and where they are needed. As robots have gotten more flexible, it has been necessary for controllers to keep up with them. However, not only have controllers kept up

Robotic Industry Looks for Continued Strong Growth in 2005

POSTED: 01/05/2005

Robots in the next few years will become more adaptable, more flexible and more accepted than ever. Last year, the industry recorded its fastest start since the record-setting year of 1999, and most industry insiders expect a continuation of this rebound. They also believe

Robots Take Furniture Industry into Their Own Hands

POSTED: 11/24/2004

The automotive industry generally led the economic rebound for the robotics industry in 2003 and 2004. Today, industry insiders like Craig Jennings, Past-President of the Robotic Industries Association (RIA) and President of Motoman Inc., West Carrollton,

Machine-Vision Inspection

POSTED: 11/14/2004

Reprinted by permission from Robotics World Magazine IBM Corp. recently installed a new quality assurance system, using machine-vision hardware and software that not only detects and removes nonconforming parts, but also provided a return on investment just over a month after

Reflections on Safety

POSTED: 11/01/2004

The National Robot Safety Conference has just concluded on a very successful note.  Attendance was strong (nearly 160, the most since 2001) as was the line-up of speakers.  It was a great four days devoted to safety.  I am now flying across the Pacific to Japan for our next series

From Televisions to Tanks: Electronics Production with Robotics

POSTED: 11/01/2004

Robotics and manufacturing electronics are a perfect fit for one another. In both military and consumer electronics, production would be next to impossible without robotics for many reasons, ranging from quality and quantity to ergonomics and economics. ‘‘Electronics is a wide industry. Adept Technology, Inc. sells robots to build disk drives,

Machine Vision and Industrial Robots: A Powerful Team

POSTED: 10/05/2004

Reprinted by Permission from Robotics World Magazine While robotic assembly applications have increased in both number and complexity over the years, a large number of applications have been passed over due to technology. When smart camera machine vision teams with industrial robots,

The Eyes Have It: Robotic Vision and Guidance

POSTED: 10/04/2004

As vision and guidance systems get less expensive and more user-friendly, they will be increasingly integrated into robotic work cells as the range of applications for vision continues to grow. This is particularly true in the food-processing industry. The Eyes Have It: Robotic Vision and Guidance

Expanding Application Base Pushes New Gripper Designs

POSTED: 09/17/2004

Robotic gripper, actuator and end of arm tool (EOT) suppliers have created vacuum and mechanical grippers for thousands of manufacturing applications. The EOT industry has developed different metals to meet a variety of application scenarios and environments, anodizing techniques to guard exposed gripper surfaces from

Service Robots: No More Waiting, They're Here Today

POSTED: 09/01/2004

Long stigmatized by hype and overactive imaginations in the mainstream media and consumers, the service robot industry has seemed like the industry that was always just around the corner. That's all changing, especially in the wake of the terrorist events of September 11,

Lean, Mean Robotic Machines: Robotics in Lean Manufacturing

POSTED: 08/13/2004

Lean manufacturing, a system of production, is ripe for robotics. This system emphasizes the efficient use of resources that shortens lead times and decreases costs by eliminating all non-value waste. Robotics are particularly suited for lean manufacturing since a successfully integrated manufacturing work cell has many of its concepts designed

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