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Robotic Industries Association

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  • Member Since 1900
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Robotic Industries Association publishes Robotics Online which provides information to help engineers, managers and executives apply and justify robotics and flexible automation. The site includes a proprietary search engine algorithm that makes it easy to find and compare leading companies, products and services. Robotics Online is dedicated to news, articles and information specifically for the robotics industry.

RIA members contribute content, serve as experts for “Ask the Experts" and guide the Association with input from committees and volunteers that help write robot standards and technical reports. Publications, including safety standards and risk assessment software, are available from the online bookstore.

Founded in 1974, RIA is the only trade group in North America organized specifically to serve the robotics industry. Member companies include leading robot manufacturers, users, system integrators, component suppliers, research groups, and consulting firms.

Industry Insights

Robotics+Vision at a Glance: The Dos, Don’ts and Applications

POSTED: 07/12/2013

Robots are renowned for their repeatability and speed. They take on monotonous, physically taxing, and even hazardous jobs

The End of Separation: Man and Robot as Collaborative Coworkers on the Factory Floor

POSTED: 06/06/2013

A new realm of industrial robotics is upon us. Human-robot collaboration is here, on the manufacturing floor, viable and successful.

Protecting End Users and Suppliers - Best Practices for Robot Integrators

POSTED: 04/30/2013

Robot systems integration is the Grand Central Station of an automation project

Advanced Vision Guided Robotics: Technology & Trends Impacting VGR Proliferation

POSTED: 04/02/2013

Give a robot “sight” and you expand its range of possibilities.

Robot Design, Integrated Controls and Software Architectures of Industrial Robots

POSTED: 02/05/2013

The software architecture of industrial robots, the “brains” of an automated work cell, enables the robot to perform assigned tasks

Robotics Industry Expected to Thrive in 2013

POSTED: 01/03/2013

As the economy continues its recovery from the Great Recession, the robotics industry is reaping the benefits

Robots and Vision for Semiconductors and Electronics Manufacturing

POSTED: 12/03/2012

Robotics have long been a staple in the electronics and semiconductor industry.

Robotic Material Handling

POSTED: 11/06/2012

Material handling is the essence of industrial robotics with most robotic applications falling within this category.

Robots in the Lab

POSTED: 10/05/2012

Tasks in the life sciences, pharmaceutical and biomedical industries have always been complex and time-consuming. With the advent of new

Robot Safety Trends in Automotive

POSTED: 09/10/2012

There are vibrant new activities related to industrial safety in robot applications; none more so than in the automotive industry

Robots in Aerospace Applications

POSTED: 07/31/2012

While robotics play an important function in the fabrication of aircraft engines, aerospace companies are increasingly investing in robots

New 2012 Edition of ANSI/RIA R15.06 About to be Approved

POSTED: 07/31/2012

The big national robot news is that the 2012 edition of R15.06 is in the final stage for ANSI approval

Robotic Grinding, De-Burring and Finishing Applications

POSTED: 07/02/2012

Due to the dangers involved in manual grinding, de-burring and finishing, robots are increasingly called on to do these operations.

Machine Vision for Robot Guidance

POSTED: 06/04/2012

Without a vision guidance system, robots would be blind, unable to present itself to parts. The increased power of vision

Palletizing and De-Palletizing Applications

POSTED: 05/08/2012

Robotics have been a staple of manufacturing for decades but improvements have pushed flexible robotics downstream

New Applications for Mobile Robots

POSTED: 04/05/2012

While fixed robots will always have a place in manufacturing, augmenting traditional robots with mobile robots promises additional flexibility

RIA Launches New Certified Robot Integrator Program

POSTED: 03/06/2012

Robotic Industries Association (RIA), the industry’s largest trade group representing over 265 companies, has announced the launch of their Certified

New Trends in Robot and Controller Design

POSTED: 03/06/2012

Without a controller, industrial robots would not be able to perform their application tasks. Controllers contain software giving robots the

Basic EOAT & Tooling Trends for Consumers Goods and Beyond

POSTED: 02/06/2012

Robotics have the speed, strength, and precision to accomplish an ever-widening range of tasks in the manufacturing and packaging of

Robotics Industry Poised for Another Banner Year in 2012

POSTED: 01/06/2012

In most applications and regions around the globe, the robotics industry can look forward to a prosperous 2012.

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