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Schmalz, Inc.

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  • Member Since 1999
  • Robotic Supplier

Schmalz is the leading supplier in vacuum automation supplying the entire range of vacuum components and robotic/gantry style vacuum gripping end effector tools.

Vacuum Automation Components Innovative vacuum automation components from Schmalz offer reliable support in the solution of automation and handling tasks. The product range includes suction cups in (12) standard materials and cup lines for special industry needs, e.g. automotive cups or cups for the packaging industry. Schmalz also supplies vacuum generators, blowers, pumps, mounting elements and system monitoring devices.

Vacuum Gripping Systems Robotic & gantry style vacuum gripping systems from Schmalz provide significant productivity improvements. The range extends from layer and large-area gripping systems to complete vacuum spiders, delivered ready for connection, for use in all areas of automation.

Located in Raleigh, NC, Schmalz Inc. has its own outside sales force and Authorized Schmalz Distributors in all states.


Vacuum suction cups for blister packs

POSTED: 05/11/2009

The requirements on vacuum suction cups for handling blister packs are constantly growing. There is a trend to handle finer films at shorter cycles. With the suction cups designed and produced by the vacuum specialist Schmalz, you play safe. Due to the large product

Large-area vacuum gripping systems SPZ

POSTED: 05/11/2009

We can learn many things from nature. "Bionics" is the term for understanding things nature has invented and making use of this knowledge in technical applications. An example of this is the SPZ series of large-area vacuum gripping

New line of magnetic grippers from Schmalz

POSTED: 05/11/2009

Perforated metal sheets, complex laser-cutted workpieces and metal sheets with holes and apertures can not be handled safely with vacuum suction cups. Especially for those kind of applications, Schmalz has been offering a complete line of magnetic grippers

High temperature resistant vacuum cups (482°F)

POSTED: 05/11/2009

Schmalz, the leader for Vacuum Components and Gripping Systems, presents a new range of high-temperature resistant vacuum cups. The special, silicone-free material HT2 can stand temperatures up to 482° F. The special design of the high temperature resistant vacuum cups allows for process-safe high-speed-handling. The HT2

Vacuum Gripper for Handling Photovolt. Components

POSTED: 05/11/2009

Not every vacuum gripper is qualified for all process steps involved in handling photovoltaic components like gripping, moving, optical measurement, positioning, stacking and releasing. The latest technology for handling wafers and solar cells

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