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Yaskawa Motoman

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  • Member Since 1982
  • Robotic Supplier

Founded in 1989, Yaskawa Motoman is a leading robotics company in the Americas. With over 300,000 Motoman robots, 10 million servos and 18 million inverter drives installed globally, Yaskawa provides automation products and solutions for virtually every industry and robotic application; including arc welding, assembly, coating, dispensing, material handling, material cutting, material removal, packaging, palletizing and spot welding.

Our product line includes more than 150 distinct robot models and a full-line of pre-engineered "World" solutions that are complete application specific work cells, including robot, process and safety equipment.

Combined with our sister and partner companies, we support robotic solutions throughout the world. Our proven track record of delivering industry leading quality, innovation and customer satisfaction can help you exceed your robotic automation goals.


Motoman Partners with Dassault Systemes to Deliver State-of-the-Art Simulation Software for the Academic Market

POSTED: 02/22/2010

Motoman Inc. and Dassault Systèmes, Inc. have entered into a partnership to market the DELMIA Digital Manufacturing simulation software to

Yaskawa Motoman Mexico Completes Expansion of Aguascalientes Facility

POSTED: 12/02/2009

Yaskawa Motoman Mexico (YMM), celebrating its fifteenth anniversary, recently completed an expansion of its facility in Aguascalientes. This expansion

Motoman ArcWorld IV-6200SL Slim Line Solution Provides Hyperproductivity in a Compact Footprint

POSTED: 11/09/2009

The ArcWorld® IV-6200SL “slim line” solution features dual MA1400 “Master Arc” welding robots.

Motoman MA1400 Master Arc Welding Robot Increases Productivity; Provides Ultimate in Welding Performance

POSTED: 11/03/2009

Motoman’s new 6-axis MA1400 “Master Arc” welding robot significantly increases uptime by integrating the torch into the upper arm.

Universal Robotics and Motoman Partner to Set New Benchmark for 3D Vision Systems

POSTED: 10/08/2009

Universal Robotics, Inc. and Motoman, Inc. announced a partnership to develop and market an accurate, cost effective and easy-to-implement 3D

Motoman’s MPL-Series Robots High-Performance, Compact Master Palletizing Solutions

POSTED: 10/01/2009

Designed specifically for palletizing, Motoman’s MPL-series “Master Palletizing” robots are available in several models.

Motoman's Compact DXM100 Controller: Ideal for Small Payload Material Handling/Palletizing Applications

POSTED: 09/29/2009

DXM100 controller easily fits underneath conveyors or the controller cabinets can be stacked to provide floorspace savings.

Motoman's New Robotic Integrated Dispensing System Features Most Accurate Dispensing Design Available

POSTED: 08/21/2009

Motoman’s robotic Integrated Dispensing System applies uniform beads and precision shots of single component adhesives or sealants.

Motoman Partners with Agile Planet An Innovative New Robotics Software Company

POSTED: 08/19/2009

Motoman Inc., a leading industrial robot manufacturer, and Agile Planet, Inc., developers of advanced robotics software, have entered into a partnership that will provide commercial users with a leading-edge hardware and software solution for dual-arm robots. The technology partnership will integrate a customized version of Agile Planet's state-of-the-art, robot-independent manipulation

Motoman's MotoSight 2D Pendant-Based Vision Solution: Ideal for 2D Robotic Vision Applications

POSTED: 06/05/2009

MotoSight 2D, a powerful 2D vision application, easily adds vision to a Motoman robot. It features a       Cognex In-Sight Micro camera and Motoman’s Pendant Vision application software.  Pendant Vision enables users to view images captured by the camera, as well as see information about camera status,

New! Motoman's Robotic 3D Vision Solutions: Look Into the Future with 3D Vision

POSTED: 06/05/2009

At the 2009 International Robots & Vision Show, Motoman will introduce two new 3D vision tools.  These powerful 3D vision solutions were developed by Yaskawa Electric Corporation, Motoman’s parent company, to solve difficult automation applications and to fill a need in the marketplace for reliable vision products. MotoEYE 3D

New! Motoman MS80

POSTED: 05/29/2009

Dayton, Ohio — Quick and agile, the six-axis Motoman MS80 “Master Spot” welding robot features an 80-kg (176.4-lb) payload and moves more than 43 percent faster than a traditional heavy-payload robot, resulting in shorter takt times and higher throughput.  Uniquely designed to optimize automotive applications using DC spot guns with

NEW! Motoman 7-Axis VS50 Versatile Spot Welding Robot; Ideal for High-Density Applications

POSTED: 05/21/2009

Dayton, Ohio — Motoman’s slim, powerful 7-axis VS50 “Versatile Spot” welding robot is uniquely designed to optimize automotive applications using DC spot guns with compact servo actuators. Fast and agile, the VS50 robot can be placed in close proximity to workpieces and other robots to create flexible, high-density

NEW! RobotPro Web Edition Expert System Software Facilitates Robot Maintenance, Troubleshooting and Repair

POSTED: 05/21/2009

Motoman’s new RobotPro® Web Edition provides a comprehensive web-based expert system for performing robot preventive maintenance, alarm-code troubleshooting and repair procedures. Designed exclusively for use with Motoman robots that have NX-series controllers, the software is tailored to each specific robot model and is structured in a user-friendly format with well-illustrated,

New! Next-Generation Motoman DX100 Controller Provides Enhanced Multiple Robot and System-Level Controls

POSTED: 05/20/2009

Dayton, Ohio — Using patented multiple robot control technology, Motoman’s next-generation DX100 controller easily handles multiple tasks including control of up to eight robots (72 axes), as well as I/O devices and communication protocols.  The energy-saving DX100 features faster processing speeds, advanced robot arm control for smoother interpolation, built-in collision

New! Motoman's ES165D/ES200D Handling Robots Deliver Unmatched Performance, Reliability for Heavy Payload Applications

POSTED: 05/20/2009

Dayton, Ohio — Versatile, high-speed Motoman ES165D and ES200D handling robots are ideal for large-payload machine and press tending applications and other handling tasks.  These robots feature wide work envelopes and high moment of inertia ratings, coupled with fast axial speeds and acceleration for high-throughput processing.  Compact, slim design enables

New! MotoSim EG-VRC Simulation Software Gives Off-Line Programming

POSTED: 05/20/2009

Dayton, Ohio — MotoSim® EG (Motoman Simulator Enhanced Graphics) – now available with Virtual Robot Controller (VRC) capability – is a comprehensive software package that provides accurate 3D simulation of robot cells.  With VRC, MotoSim EG operates and displays the actual programming pendant interface for the Motoman NX100 controller.  Whether

Motoman Scores Highest-Ever Results in Customer Satisfaction Survey

POSTED: 05/20/2009

Dayton, Ohio — Motoman is once again thrilled to report the receipt of a new all-time record-high Customer Satisfaction score of 4.58 out of a 5.0 possible scale for 2008!  This rating is slightly higher than last year’s results and was based on nearly 570 responses to the company’s Annual

New! Dual-Arm Motoman SDA-Series Robots with New DX100 Controller Provide Next-Generation Speed, Application Flexibility

POSTED: 05/20/2009

Dayton, Ohio — Quick and agile, with “human-like” flexibility of movement, Motoman’s SDA-series (slim, dual-arm) robots provide the reach, payload, speed, performance and flexibility required to perform a myriad of assembly, handling, machine tending packaging and part transfer applications that formerly could only be done by people.  SDA-series robots feature

New! Slim Motoman SIA-Series Robots with Next-Generation DX100 Controller Provide Lean, Powerful 7-Axis Arms for New Era of Automation

POSTED: 05/20/2009

Dayton, Ohio — Lean and powerful, Motoman’s new SIA10D and SIA20D (slim, individual arm) robots feature a revolutionary actuator-based 7-axis design with best-in-class wrist performance characteristics that enable amazing freedom of movement, coupled with the ability to maneuver in very tight areas.  These agile, versatile robots open up a wide

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