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Yaskawa Motoman

  • OH, United States
  • Tel: (937) 847-6200
  • Fax: (937) 847-6277
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  • Member Since 1982
  • Robotic Supplier

Founded in 1989, Yaskawa Motoman is a leading robotics company in the Americas. With over 300,000 Motoman robots, 10 million servos and 18 million inverter drives installed globally, Yaskawa provides automation products and solutions for virtually every industry and robotic application; including arc welding, assembly, coating, dispensing, material handling, material cutting, material removal, packaging, palletizing and spot welding.

Our product line includes more than 150 distinct robot models and a full-line of pre-engineered "World" solutions that are complete application specific work cells, including robot, process and safety equipment.

Combined with our sister and partner companies, we support robotic solutions throughout the world. Our proven track record of delivering industry leading quality, innovation and customer satisfaction can help you exceed your robotic automation goals.


TruPath Controller Drives Motoman Robot Direct From CAM Providing Complex, Machining Finishing Processes

POSTED: 10/17/2008

Dayton, Ohio — Flexible Motoman robots can now replace more expensive CNC machines for a wide range of manufacturing applications that require machining or finishing of complex surfaces or paths. The TruPath robot controller drives a Motoman robot directly from CNC-generated

Motoman Offers Digital Interface to MedWeld 5000 Spot Welding Timer

POSTED: 10/08/2008

Dayton, Ohio — A new digital programming interface is available for spot welding applications that use a MedWeld 5000 spot timer along with Motoman robots with NX100 controller(s).  The low-cost interface requires minimal hardware and provides network capability for multiple robot control (up to four Motoman robots).  It includes both

Motoman Offers Robot Training at Satellite Facility in Greensburg, Indiana

POSTED: 10/03/2008

Dayton, Ohio — Motoman Inc. now offers several ANSI/IACET-accredited robot training courses at a new 5,200 sq. ft. Motoman Technical Education Center Remote Training Facility located at 806 Randall Street in Greensburg, Indiana. Opened in April 2008, this satellite facility initially provided training exclusively for

Motoman Offers Robot Refurbishment Program, Certified Pre-Owned Robots, Core Exchange and More

POSTED: 09/29/2008

Dayton, Ohio — In addition to providing robots and complete robotic automation solutions for virtually every application and industry, Motoman also offers a variety of robot refurbishment programs designed to extend the life of a manufacturer’s capital investment and deliver higher levels of

Doug Burnside Promoted to Director, Motoman Customer Care

POSTED: 08/06/2008

Dayton, Ohio — Motoman is pleased to announce the promotion of Doug Burnside to the position of Director, Customer Care.  In addition to managing Motoman’s Customer Care Center (24-hour technical support call center and web site) and Robot Repair Center, he now has responsibility for all U.S. Aftermarket Sales.  Since

Motoman Inc. Moves Detroit Regional Center to Rochester Hills

POSTED: 07/16/2008

Dayton, Ohio — Motoman Inc., a world-leading provider of robots and complete robotic solutions, is relocating their Detroit Regional Center from Wixom to Rochester Hills, Michigan, effective July 1.   The nearly 15,000 sq. ft. Rochester Hills facility includes offices, sales and service support, training, a larger demonstration lab, a manufacturing

Steve Barhorst Appointed President and COO of Motoman Inc.

POSTED: 07/11/2008

Dayton, Ohio – Effective July 8, 2008, Steve Barhorst was named the new President and Chief Operating Officer of Motoman Inc., one of the largest robotic solution providers in North and South America.  Barhorst succeeds Craig Jennings, whose departure after nearly 19 years

Motoman’s Weld Cell Wizard Analyzes Your Capital Equipment Needs

POSTED: 06/23/2008

Dayton, Ohio — Weld Cell Wizard is a web-based tool that analyzes capital equipment needs to help manufacturers select the best pre-engineered Motoman ArcWorld® or FabWorld® robotic welding solution(s) to meet their application requirements, and then lists them in the most cost-effective order.   Weld Cell Wizard also analyzes the number

New Motoman EasyLoad™ Machine Tending Software Provides Conversational, Graphics-based Robot Programming

POSTED: 06/19/2008

Dayton, Ohio — Conversational programming meets industrial robotics in Motoman’s new EasyLoad™ machine tending software.  Using graphics, rather than text, and a touch screen interface on the Motoman NX100 robot programming pendant, an EasyLoad software wizard guides even non-programmers with minimal knowledge of robot operation through simple step-by-step procedures to

Motoman's New EasyPallet™ Pendant Easily and Quickly Creates Robot Palletizing Jobs

POSTED: 06/19/2008

Dayton, Ohio — With as few as one to three menu or button selections, Motoman’s new EasyPallet™ Pendant creates a suite of robot palletizing jobs that are full-featured with automatic vectoring to eliminate box clipping when building tight patterns, automatic asynchronous placement to save cycle time, user selectable job formats

New! Slim Motoman SIA20 Robot Provides Lean, Powerful 7-Axis Arm for New Era of Automation

POSTED: 06/18/2008

Dayton, Ohio — Lean and powerful, Motoman’s new SIA20 (slim, individual arm) robot features a revolutionary 7-axis design with best-in-class wrist performance characteristics that enables amazing freedom of movement, coupled with the ability to maneuver in very tight areas.  The

New! Motoman's EA1800N “Expert Arc” Welding Robot Provides Superior Performance with a Higher Payload

POSTED: 06/18/2008

Dayton, Ohio — The high-performance, heavy-payload EA1800N “Expert Arc” welding robot is 15 percent faster and has higher allowable wrist moments than most welding robots.  The EA1800N robot is ideal for welding large work pieces, and for applications

New! Slim, Dual-Arm Motoman SDA10 Robot Provides Next Generation Speed, Application Flexibility

POSTED: 06/10/2008

Dayton, Ohio — Slim and agile, with “human-like” flexibility of movement, Motoman’s new dual-arm SDA10 robot is slimmer, stronger and has significantly faster acceleration than the previous (DIA10) model.   With a shorter link distance between the P-point and flange, the SDA10 provides more flexible tool motion and a higher load

Tom Bryant Promoted to Vice President of Motoman’s Standards & Logistics Group

POSTED: 06/02/2008

Dayton, Ohio —  Motoman Inc. is pleased to announce that Tom Bryant has been promoted to Vice President, Standards & Logistics Group, as of May 1.  He joined Motoman in December 2003 as Senior Director of that same group.  Prior to joining Motoman,

New! Motoman's EPX2050 Robot Provides Superior Performance in Coating/Dispensing Applications

POSTED: 05/20/2008

Dayton, Ohio — The high-speed EPX2050 robot provides versatility and superior performance in standard industrial, automotive and aerospace coating and dispensing applications.  The six-axis EPX2050 is ideal for painting contoured parts such automotive car bodies

Motoman and University of Dayton Establish Lab for Advanced Robotics Research, Learning

POSTED: 04/07/2008

  DAYTON, Ohio — Motoman Inc., an industry-leading provider of robots and complete robotic systems, is helping to establish the Motoman Robotics Laboratory at the University of Dayton School of Engineering. As part of this long-term commitment, Motoman is furnishing $371,000 worth of state-of-the-art robots, including a revolutionary seven-axis, actuator-driven IA20 robot;

MotoSight 2D Vision-guided Robot Solutions; Ideal for Material Handling Applications

POSTED: 01/18/2008

    Friday, January 18, 2008 (Robotics Online ) – Utilizing MotoSight, Motoman robots have the capability to perform the most complex vision-guided applications, despite confusing backgrounds and/or parts that are randomly located. This application of vision-guided technology provides

Motoman Wins Manufacturer of the Year Award for 2007

POSTED: 01/18/2008

    Friday, January 18, 2008 (Robotics Online ) – Motoman Inc., a leading industrial robotics company headquartered in West Carrollton, Ohio, has been named ‘‘Manufacturing Business of the Year for 2007’‘ in the sixth annual Business of the Year

Motoman Receives 2007 Governor’s Excellence in Exporting Award

POSTED: 07/26/2007

  Dayton, Ohio — Motoman Inc., a world-leading provider of robots and complete robotic automation solutions, was one of 31 Ohio-based businesses honored to receive a 2007 Governor’s Excellence in Exporting Award.  Governor Ted Strickland presented these 'E' Awards on behalf of the Ohio Department of Development

Motoman Expands its South American Operations

POSTED: 07/26/2007

  Motoman Robotica do Brasil Moves to Larger Facility in Sao Paulo Dayton, Ohio — On June 1, Motoman’s South American subsidiary in Brazil, Motoman Robotica do Brasil, officially opened its new, expanded facility in the Grand Sao Paulo area in the city of Sao Bernardo do

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