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Adept Technology, Inc.

  • CA, United States
  • Tel: (925) 245-3400
  • Fax: (925) 960-0452
  • www.adept.com
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  • Member Since 1992
  • Robotic Supplier

Adept Technology is the leading provider of intelligent vision-guided robotics and global robotics services that provide unmatched performance and economic value throughout the production lifecycle, enabling customers to achieve precision, quality and productivity in their assembly, handling and packaging processes. Adept intelligent automation product lines include industrial robots, configurable linear modules, machine controllers for robot mechanisms and other flexible automation equipment, machine vision, and systems and applications software. Served global markets include automotive, consumer electronics, consumer goods, food, industrial tooling, medical devices, and pharmaceutical. Adept was founded in 1983 and has offices in the North America, Europe, and Asia.

Case Studies

Indian Watch Manufacturer Automates Watch Case Machining System

POSTED: 06/28/2010

Titan Industries is the world's fifth largest and India's leading manufacturer of watches. Corporately based in Tamil Nadu, India the company has manufactured more than a 100 million watches to date and has a customer base of over 80 million. The umbrella brand Titan is one of India's leading watch

Assembly Challenges No Match for Robotic System

POSTED: 06/01/2008

Problem: Feeding parts for the assembly of Honeywell's round thermostat presented many challenges.  One part presented two major challenges -- its natural tendency to tangle when fed in bulk and the manufacturing process for this particular part id not allow for integration of automation equipment. The need to present precisely oriented

Handle With Care: Robotic System Packages Muffins

POSTED: 06/23/2003

Problem: At Otis Spunkmeyer improper handling of muffins as they were being depanned from the oven was resulting in damage to the final product. The customer needed to improve handling quality while increasing handling speed. Solution: As the muffins are depanned they are conveyed to the packaging areas

Adept Technology Receives Excellence in Manufacturing Award for Robotics

POSTED: 12/13/2000

San Jose, California - December 12, 2000 - Adept Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADTK), a leading manufacturer of flexible automation for the telecommunications, fiber optic and semiconductor industries, today announced it has received the Excellence in Manufacturing Award for Robotics from Machine Design magazine. This award honors manufacturers who provide components

Robotic System Improves Product Quality


Problem: Today even makers of products in the cosmetics and toiletry industries have to consistently provide the best possible quality. This is true for the products themselves as well as their packaging.  The decision makers at Goldwell needed a way to avoiding constant contact between the shampoo bottles

Need for Shorter Product Cycles Warrants Automated System at Visteon


Problem: Visteon Automotive Systems, an enterprise of Ford Motor Company, builds electronic modules for controlling security, lighting power steering, turn signals and other electronic functions in automobiles. Ford had specified a tight time frame for the next project--12 months for completion of the first product build and 18

Adept System Minimizes Product Damage and Labeling Errors with Textile Handling


Problem: As a key part of its business activities, Unifi Inc. has historically purchased a chemical-based product called multi-filament partially oriented yarn (POY) from chemical and fiber companies. POY is the raw fiber used to produce textured polyester and textured nylon yarn. There are inefficiencies associated with excessive

Lighting Components Supplier Improves Assembly Throughput and Increases Quality


Problem: Effectively manufacturing modern lighting systems in high volume, such as fluorescent light fixtures, has traditionally been a very labor-intensive process. Labor costs and the need to precut and stock various lengths of wiring for different fixture configurations reduces materials management flexibility and results in higher levels of work-in-process, and more

Company Increases Throughput and Time-to-Market with Robotic Assembly System


Problem: About two years ago, Murr Elektronik found itself facing a growing demand for its electronic products. The company needed to increase throughput and time-to-market, but it was already having trouble controlling manufacturing expenses. Companyexecutives needed a way to control manufacturing costs without relocating their facilities to areas

Braun Increases Shaver Production Line up to 85% with Robotic System


Problem: The Shaver Division of Braun GmbH (Kronberg, Germany) needed to shorten product cycles and quickly reconfigure its assembly lines to accommodate new shaver models. One goal called for reducing assembly time per unit. To meet this challenge, the Wallduern plant set out to remake its shaver production

Adept Robotic System Improves Quality of Circuit Board Assembly


Problem: Lucent's manufacturing process required workers to manually place pins on circuit boards whose resistors, capacitors and other components were held by solder paste. Because the paste had not solidified, the slightest bump could cause alignment errors, requiring a board to be reworked. Solution: The Lucent workcell combines an Adept

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