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Toshiba Machine Co., America

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  • Member Since 1999
  • Robotic Supplier

Toshiba Machine Co. America, Control Systems - Robotics Division in partnership with TM Robotics (Americas) Inc, offer a wide range of industrial robots including SCARA, Cartesian-Linear Actuators, and 6-axis robots. Toshiba Machine's robots have been successfully developed and manufactured in Japan to provide optimum productivity and profitability for customers. The SCARA robots, TH series currently has nine models available and their arm length ranges from 180mm to 1200mm. New models are constantly being added to the line to meet varying application requirements, such as the latest THL Series of Low cost arms, and the 6-axis robots, TV800 and TV1000. The Cartesian robots, BA-II series employs building block systems which allows for single- or multi-axis configuration with a variety of power options for a diverse range of application needs.


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