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A Stäubli RX130 CR Robot Used for Wafer Production

Stäubli Robotics

Faverges (France) - - MEMC Electronics Materials located in Novara, Italy, is one of the largest semiconductor companies in the world. MEMC recently installed an STÄUBLI RX130 Cleanroom robot automating a very delicate production step: the unloading of wafer cassettes from the wet bench process and the loading of drying machines. Before the integration of the robot, these operations were manually done by operators in a class 10 environment.

In order to improve product quality and decrease contamination risks immediately after the wet bench process, MEMC asked STÄUBLI Tec-Sem to develop a highly-flexible automated cell, the Automatic Handling System for Wet Bench Process.

The 6-axis RX130 CR robot is situated in a precisely fixed and protected area at the end of the line next to the last washing tank and two drying machines. Equipped with a specially developed gripper, the RX130 CR can pick-up one or two cassettes together containing 6' or 8' wafers. The entire cell is run by several computers which give the robot controller data on various operations to be executed according to the type of cassettes to be handled. The cassettes are successively placed in the drying machines.

The robot then unloads the cassettes by putting them on a specific buffer. Outside the area, an operator removes from the buffer the dried wafers, lessening the exposure to contamination risks. He then forwards them to the next finishing stage. The RX130 CR's unique characteristics of cleanliness class, payload and dexterity along with the gripper design and the entire tooling, allowed the development of this complex automated cell. Product feasibility testing has proven that the quality improvements required by MEMC have been reached.

STÄUBLI is a 100+ year old, 2,400-employee Company with annual revenues of over 700 million Swiss Francs, headquartered in Switzerland. The STÄUBLI Group commitment to customer satisfaction is proven by worldwide office locations offering a 'first class' level of services such as training and maintenance.

In its production facility located in the heart of the French Alps a few miles south of Geneva (Switzerland), STÄUBLI's Robotics Division invests 12 % of its revenues in Research and Development. An innovation and quality strategy lead STÄUBLI to be awarded ISO 9001 for its three activities: textile, connectors and robotics.

For additional information, please contact
Marketing Manager
Stäubli Corporation - Robotics Division
201 Parkway West
Duncan, SC 29334
Tel. 864-433-1980
Fax. 864-486-5497


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