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Adept Robotic System Improves Quality of Circuit Board Assembly

by Val Cureton
Adept Technology, Inc.


Lucent's manufacturing process required workers to manually place pins on circuit boards whose resistors, capacitors and other components were held by solder paste. Because the paste had not solidified, the slightest bump could cause alignment errors, requiring a board to be reworked.


The Lucent workcell combines an Adept 550 SCARA robot and MV-8 controller with a bowl feeder, a light-based soldering system, a wirefeeder and pneumatic pin gripper, multiple heating sources, real-time system monitoring and error logging, and a graphical operator console.

The system was designed to efficiently solderpins on Lucent circuit boards. Different size pins are blown from the bowlfeeder to a soldering location, where they are soldered into a printed circuit board. The workcell harnesses the speed of the Adept 550 in numerous areas, like moving the soldering tool to various soldering points on the board and controlling all pneumatic functions of the system.

The new system not only offers an impressive return on investment, it delivers better quality as well. And these benefits translate into a competitive advantage for Lucent.

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