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Automatic Direct Wiring with STÄUBLI robots

by Marketing Manager
Stäubli Robotics

Faverges (France) - December 2nd, 1998 - BJB, a German light fitting manufacturer gains competitive advantage with the ADS concept, Automatic Direct wiring of Standard components.

Founded in 1967 in Germany, BJB has established a solid reputation amongst the light fitting manufacturing industry providing their customers with high quality products.

The successfull development of ADS flexible and modular concept combine the technique of direct wiring of standard components with the accuracy, the reliability and the performance of robotics.

Their initial step was to convert their products, the light fitting components, to suit a newly tested and approved technology called Direct Wiring. This evolution gave them the opportunity to offer, in addition to their basic products, an assembly process, using STÄUBLI robots and conveyor belts, enabling the light manufacturers to put together the basic components quickly and accurately.

Fluorescent lamp ballasts, fuse holders, and supply terminals are a few of the components whose assembly can be optimized by BJB's automated lines.  Seven RX130, one RX90 and two RX130L are currently working full time as part of BJB's automotive solution.

Overview of the technical integrated concept :

The Wiring
The continuous wire flows out of a spool, into a free cutting mechanism, which strips the wire at pre-programmed positions. From then on, the wire is fed into the robot's tool.  The very maneuverable six axis robot takes care of the precise wiring and connecting of the components.

  • Components, which are difficult to access are easily reached by the robot.
  • Horizontal, inclined or ninety degree angle wire securing is possible
  • The wiring can be performed with precision and speed in very tight areas.

The transport :
The modular transport syst-em's conveyors take the components from preparation to the wiring and the testing of the lamps before their final collection at the end of the line

The testing :
The integrated testing facility automatically takes care of the final checks of the finished product, and all data recorded at this stage of the process are documented and stored.

The direct benefits of integrating the ADS concept in the light fitting industry with a highly automated manufacturing process, are the reliability of the finished product, as well as an increas-ed throughput due to the speed of the robot and its accessibility to parts and places otherwise difficult to reach.

Finally, the flexibility of a modular solution and its off-line programming possibility enabled BJB to adapt to their customers, as well as work together with them towards the most suitable and efficient solution.

For additional information, please contact
Marketing Manager
Stäubli Corporation - Robotics Division
201 Parkway West
Duncan, SC 29334
Tel. 864-433-1980
Fax. 864-486-5497

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