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K+S Professional Services

K+S Services, Inc.

Since partnering with a leading company in the Building Materials Industry in 2010, K+S Services has been able to provide over $1.1 million dollars in hard, price vs. price cost savings. This success was achieved not only through the full integration of the comprehensive STAMP Program in each facility, but through a customized, plant specific mix of storeroom management, procurement responsibilities and repair asset management. Showing a savings of 78¢ cents for every $1 dollar spent, K+S Services is recognized as their leader for all suppliers in the dollars saved vs. dollars spent category. In addition to the price vs. price savings K+S Services has been able to provide, massive strides forward have been made in inventory control since this programs inception. With the management of a new consignment initiative and stringent new procurement logic, K+S Services has helped reduce MRO inventory by over $2 million dollars and helped reduce the monthly MRO procurement spend by over $1.7 million dollars. Without the strong partnership that has formed between these two companies, this success story could never have happened. Assisted by the adaptable thinking and foresight of a creative customer, a truly customizable K+S integration model was born that has optimized cost savings for each facility, depending on their product type and size. Working with a customer like this one is proving to be great learning experience as well as a major benefit to both companies bottom line!

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