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KP Foods Palletizing

by Staff, Gudel Customer Care
G├╝del, Inc.

KP Foods Plant at Stockton-on-Tees is a manufacturer of Potato Crisp snack foods. The end of line process involved a manual Palletising process of the boxes of Crisps. This needed a high number of personnel over 3 shifts operating 24/7.

KP wanted to significantly reduce the labour content and re-deploy labour on to higher value added processes, reduce the floor space needed to perform the Palletising process and improve reliability of throughput. The output of the system needed to be 1 box every 4 seconds.

KP Foods were considering a typical 4-axis Robot Palletising solution needing up to 8off Robots. This layout would require too much floor space and therefore the option of an overhead Gantry system was attractive. A 3-axis portal gantry system fitted with a fully programmable ‘C’ axis at the base of the Gantry vertical axis would provide the answer.

GUDEL provided 2off FP-5 standard 3-axis portal Gantry systems with a bespoke dual purpose Gripper System to handle the range of 16 different boxes and to also load new empty Pallets into the system. Each Gantry was fitted with 2off independently operating bridges – each bridge servicing 8 box in-feed lines and 8 palletising stations. Each vertical axis was fitted with a ‘C’ axis to enable the completion of the many different layer patterns.

The whole installation handles boxes from 32 box in-feed lines with a huge reduction of personnel per shift. We have achieved the throughput target and saved floor space over the manual process and the proposed Robot. KP Foods have been able to utilise the saved floor space for other activities.

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