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Silicon Valley Group; USA - Thermal Systems Division & Stäubli

Stäubli Robotics

Faverges (France) - February 22th, 2000 - SILICON VALLEY GROUP THERMAL SYSTEMS will use the Stäubli Unimation RX90 CR robot in their newest generation of semiconductor processing equipment.

Two systems will use the same robot model. One system addresses the pre-metal dielectric and trench isolation deposition markets with atmospheric chemical vapor deposition equipment. This tool was introduced with excellent reviews at the Semicon / West show in July. The second tool is used in general thermal oxidation anneal and low pressure chemical vapor deposition and both system designs are based on a vertical cluster concept.

Both tools require multiple process modules to be stacked in a vertical cluster configuration with wafer input by means of three horizontal load ports. Both systems are capable of processing both 200mm and 300mm wafers with the same robot. This configuration required an innovative approach by the engineers responsible for automating the wafer transfer between modules and load ports. Many manufacturers of cleanroom robots were considered, but none could offer the optimum solution except for the Stäubli Unimation RX90 BCR. Several reach studies were conducted by the Stäubli California office on various configurations of the system until the optimum system layout was established. This system layout not only allowed all critical system goals to be met, but also resulted in a narrower footprint, which is considered an advantage by the end user customer.

Other benefits resulted from the use of the RX90 BCR. Because the RX series is a proven product with hundreds of installations in similar applications, SVG felt confident the RX would perform as promised. Since the RX has the work envelope that accesses both the load ports and the stacked process modules, the robot did not have to be mounted on a track, as required with a four-axis solution. This not only simplified the system, but also allowed SVG to reach their cost of ownership goals. SVG-Thermal Systems is the second SVG division to use the RX and Stäubli Unimation is very pleased to welcome the Thermal Systems Division as a valued customer.

STÄUBLI is a 100+ year old, 2,400-employee Company with annual revenues of over 700 million Swiss Francs, headquartered in Switzerland. The STÄUBLI Group commitment to customer satisfaction is proven by worldwide office locations offering a 'first class' level of services such as training and maintenance.

In its production facility located in the heart of the French Alps a few miles south of Geneva (Switzerland), STÄUBLI's Robotics Division invests 12 % of its revenues in Research and Development. An innovation and quality strategy has led STÄUBLI to be awarded ISO 9001 for its three divisions: textile, connectors and robotics.

For additional information, please contact
Marketing Manager
Stäubli Corporation - Robotics Division
201 Parkway West
Duncan, SC 29334
Tel. 864-433-1980
Fax. 864-486-5497


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