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Stäubli's RX95 Robot Integrated in an Automated Cell

Stäubli Robotics

 Faverges (France) In Switzerland at GIVAUDAN ROURE SA, a RX95 robot has been integrated in an automated cell. It performs the dosage and weighs the raw materials, which compose perfume bases.

GIVAUDAN ROURE employees 680 people in the Swiss plant of Vernier built in 1898. Specialized in scented product mixes manufacturing, GIVAUDAN ROURE chose automation in order to increase productivity and product reliability.

The installation featuring an inverted 5-axis STÄUBLI RX95 robot was integrated into the perfumed bases production line in September 1998. The application consists of precisely weighing various raw materials according to a 'recipe' transmitted via computer. The products, pushed by nitrogen pressure, are stored in stainless steel vessels and arrive in front of the robot on a roller-flight conveyor. The RX95, equipped with a 3-clamp gripper, presents the bar-code label to a reader to obtain the ingredient quantities. The containers are then placed on portable scales which move under special raw material dosing machines. At the end of the cycle, the RX95 unloads the vessels and places them on a removal conveyor leading to the perfumed base final mixing area.

Each day up to 60 vessels of three different sizes are picked and unloaded by the robot working in 2 shifts. The RX robot was chosen for its flexibility and dexterity to perform various handling operations in a 360° area. Robotic automation was selected over other more complicated mechanic-al solutions due to easier development and integration into the production process.

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