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Staubli Robotics – Partner of the Automotive Industry

Stäubli Robotics

Over recent years, Stäubli Robotics has established a reputation as a reliable partner of the automotive industry. Manufacturers and leading suppliers in the Tier 1 and OEM categories all around the world now utilize Stäubli robots. TS series SCARA robots, the six-axis RX and TX models as well as numerous special kinematic machines are deployed wherever the emphasis is on realizing exceptionally innovative solutions: for example, applications that can only be managed with top-class robots, or tasks where the utmost precision and speed are the decisive criteria and where the processes can only be reliably accomplished using Stäubli robots with their superior drive technology.
Whether the job involves the high-precision measurement that is vital in car body manufacture, the precise machining of lightweight materials, the coating of headlight lenses or the mass production of parking distance sensors, brake light switches and the like, in these and so many other applications, Stäubli robots have set the benchmark for optimum performance, quality and reliability under the harshest industrial conditions. Measuring and testing, joining and assembly, handling and processing, sealing and bonding, as well as various special individual applications, are typical of the range of processes carried out by these precision machines in the automotive industry.
This reflects a small but varied cross-section of what Stäubli robots achieve every day in the vehicle manufacturing sector. Nevertheless, the reference projects shown here serve as examples of how technical innovations and a customer service ethos focused on the needs of the automotive industry can bring about pioneering automation solutions.
Stäubli staff at offices all around the world are waiting for your call and look forward to adding you to their list of satisfied customers in the very near future.

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