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Step Toward Greater Sustainability

Stäubli Robotics

The energy efficiency of industrial robots is becoming a major concern as energy prices continue to rise.

For many years, Stäubli has employed cuttingedge technology to ensure maximum performance and precision from its robots while setting new standards for sustainability. The energy consumption of robots is currently generating a great deal of debate. However, Stäubli Robotics Germany Managing Director Manfred Hübschmann considers this is an extremely one-sided approach. “Sustainability is much more than low power consumption,” said Hübschmann. “Sustainability begins with product quality. Technologies that facilitate lightweight construction and deliver improved control and drive systems not only lead to lower power consumption but, in the final analysis, produce high-performance robots that offer the shortest cycle times and the highest degree of accuracy. At the same time, they can significantly reduce maintenance costs and give exceptionally long service life. That is our understanding of what sustainability is all about here at Stäubli.”
Since nearly all manufacturers rely on standard Japanese products for their robot drive components, the question arises as to whether and to what extent energy consumption can be varied. Hence Stäubli takes a very different approach to drive technology. Thanks to a high degree of development expertise at its headquarters in Faverges, France, the company has traditionally employed drive technology designed in-house. The immense effort and outlay is paying dividends: Stäubli is not dependent on standard components off the shelf and can install customized systems developed in-house, featuring topquality performance, high durability, low maintenance and minimal energy consumption.
About Stäubli: Textile Machinery, Connectors and Robotics
Stäubli is a mechatronics solution provider with three dedicated divisions: textile machinery, connectors and robotics. With a workforce of 4000, Stäubli has a presence in 25 countries and agents in 50 countries around the world.

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