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Barrett Launches WAMbotics.com

Barrett Technology, Inc.

CAMBRIDGE, MA, USA -- Barrett Technology, the leader in robotic manipulators for advanced research and development in haptics, medical, and autonomous operation, has launched a new website dedicated to highlighting the worldwide research being conducted using the company's WAM™ Robotic Arm and the highly versatile BarrettHand™. 
Re-released in 2004 with patented Puck™ servoelectronics, the highly acclaimed WAM is now in use in the world's top universities and research facilities, supporting an estimated $150-million in funded research in human-centric, cooperative robotics. The website offers direct links to published research in the key areas of Planning & Manipulation, Haptics & TeleOperation, and Learning & Gameplay.
One section highlights recently funded research by the US National Science Foundation, DARPA, and international agencies using the WAM and BarrettHand.
The newest members of the WAMbotics Community include the Khalifa University - Abu Dhabi, India Institute of Technology - Kanpur, Northwestern University - Illinois, University of Waterloo - Ontario, and Korea University - Seoul.


About Barrett Technology, Inc.
Barrett is the technology leader in high-performance robotic arms and hands for emerging applications requiring superior versatility. 

For more information, contact Victor Barrett at
+1-617-252-9000 x33  

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