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DC Micromotors Make for a Powerful and Flexible Robot Arm

by DC Micromotors Pack a Powerful Punch, Robot Vehical with Flexible Arm

Robot with Powerful Arm Powered by DC MicromotorsToday, mobile robots are often deployed in critical situations that are simply too dangerous for humans to handle as part of industrial operations, law enforcement or anti-terror measures, e.g. to identify a suspicious object or disarm a bomb. Owing to the extreme circumstances, these manipulator vehicles have to meet particular requirements. Exact maneuvering and precision handling of tools are two essential prerequisites. Of course, the device also has to be kept as small as possible in order to allow access through narrow passageways. Naturally, the drives used for such robots have to be equally impressive. Special high-performance micromotors have become an essential component.

For difficult, dangerous tasks, telerob, a specialist in remote handling technology, has developed the disarming robot Teodor. The all-terrain mobile robot on caterpillar treads is controlled wirelessly via radio. Lead gel batteries provide it with power, which makes it completely independent. Because of the low centre of gravity, the manipulator arm can lift up to 30kg securely.

With a swivel range of 360°, it effort-lessly reaches everything within the vicinity of the chassis. The telescopic module allows the arm to extend by another 400 mm, often a decisive advantage when using a particular tool or inserting a key into a lock.

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