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High-Precision Laser Cutting in the Automotive Industry

Stäubli Robotics

Innovative solution

The multiple advantages of laser cutting have established this thermal separation process as a viable option for a range of applications in the automotive industry. Indeed, it is the first choice for non-contact precision cutting of various materials where minimum use of force is a main criterion. Leading automotive suppliers and OEMs around the world are increasingly turning to laser cutting by robots, which scores over conventional laser cutting systems by virtue of its greater flexibility and, in many cases, higher output.

That Stäubli robots are the favorite choice is hardly a surprise. The six-axis robots in the TX and RX series are particularly suitable for the highly accurate process thanks to their outstanding precision and path accuracy. The advantages of this elegant technology have won over car manufacturers and suppliers in Asia. Take for example Hyundai: the Korean car manufacturer utilizes Stäubli robots for the laser cutting of B-pillars. Big six-axis type RX160 robots are used for this task.

Laser cutting in combination with the Stäubli machines has proven its worth at Hyundai. Thanks to the robot’s reliable tracking accuracy and minimum heat input, an excellent fit is achieved for the components, thus meeting the manufacturer’s exacting quality standards. In addition, the performance of the robots in terms of speed and flexibility ensures fast processes that are guaranteed to be efficient and economical, even where a factory is handling a wide array of variants.

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