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KUKA Systems China Together with KUKA Systems Germany at Beijing Essen Welding & Cutting Exhibition

KUKA Systems GmbH

KUKA Systems China and KUKA Systems Gmbh attended the 18th Beijing Essen Welding & Cutting Exhibition in Shanghai from 18th to 21st of June. They presented a RS1 friction welding machine with the newest generation light robot LBR iiwa and hybrid-laser welding as a process shown during this exhibition.

Friction welding technology is a well-known one in the automotive industry and general industry as well. That is because of its superior after-weld quality, the ability of welding different materials, capability of saving materials and the fast welding speed (short cycle time). In Europe and USA, KUKA friction welding machines are state of the art. In China, some best-known Chinese component manufactures have also purchased KUKA’s machines. Laser welding technology is used mostly in welding car body, in which KUKA is in the leading position in China. In this exhibition, KUKA showed hybrid-laser equipment, which is used for welding thick-walled metal components, needed for example in ship and rail vehicle building.
“KUKA’s friction welding technology is adapted and used by more and more Chinese manufactures. So does laser welding technology. Many years ago, visitors came and wanted to know more about this technology. But now we definitely can see China knows more about this technology. Surely, this is highly linked to the higher quality requirements from the market. Upon the request from exporting and higher safety requirements from government, Chinese component manufactures are seeking more stable and more advanced technology to support their business and keep their market share. The situation that only western manufactures are using our machines, is gone. We are expecting more and more advanced technology to be applied in Chinese market.”, mentioned Walter Weh, the Technology Solution Business Unit Manager, KUKA Systems GmbH.

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