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Lighting Components Supplier Improves Assembly Throughput and Increases Quality

by Val Cureton
Adept Technology, Inc.


Effectively manufacturing modern lighting systems in high volume, such as fluorescent light fixtures, has traditionally been a very labor-intensive process. Labor costs and the need to precut and stock various lengths of wiring for different fixture configurations reduces materials management flexibility and results in higher levels of work-in-process, and more waste and obsolescence. Vossloh-Schwabe GmbH, a major German supplier of lighting components, needed a more efficient production system for their manufacturing customers to use to improve assembly throughput and increase quality levels while assembling lighting fixtures.


To increase overall productivity, and let assemblers easily adapt to new fixture configurations, Vossloh-Schwabe engineers needed to bring together a combination of sophisticated robotics, machine vision and motion control technology. And, all of it had to be controlled with an easy-to-use computer interface for the operator. Vossloh Schwabe GmbH developed an automated, robotics-enhanced, assembly cell using Adept's robots and V+ operating system that enabled their customers to significantly improve overall assembly throughput while simultaneously increasing quality levels. The Adept robots offered a working radius of 1100mm, and Adept's V+ Operating System allowed Vossloh-Schwabe engineers to effectively work in a single environment, which allowed them to develop a consistent and unified software user interface for both operators and programmers of the system.

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